New Website February 18 2014

Well, we've made the switch to what we hope will be an easier web platform for us to manage. You'll find everything you'd want to know about Wattsalpoag Games here, including stuff you may not want to see. Don't look away! There are lots of great things coming up; including the launch of our second Kickstarter game project, I Got It!

You'll also find that you can now purchase our games directly on this site. We're not looking to displace our retail game store partners, but we want you, the game player, to have an opportunity to play the games we publish that may not be readily available at your favorite store. Do us a favor and ask them to look into stocking up on Wattsalpoag titles. We're working on discounts and incentives for both you and your board game retailer to make purchasing locally easier.

We'd love to hear from you too, so feel free to let us know if we're missing something.