Last Call

$ 24.95

The customers are restless, the drink orders are piling up, and the bartenders won't mix drinks until they have the right bottles in hand! Pass the bottles from one bartender to another until someone can fill an order. But beware, if one bartender has too many bottles, they'll water down your cocktails with ice cubes. Get the bartenders to fill your drink orders and collect the fewest ice cubes along the way. Find out who runs the best bar when it's time for Last Call!


How to Play

Watch carefully to see which bartenders the dealer places cards on. When the right two bartender cards are dealt, call "Order" to move a bottle. Try to move all the necessary bottles onto one of the bartender boards, and the bartender will make your drink. You will get one ice cube for each extra bottle on the bartender board. When the player has made all four drinks, he calls "Last Call," and checks out. Now you get an ice cube for each bottle you move. When each player has finished all four drinks, the player with the fewest ice cubes wins.

2-5 Players

15-30 Minutes

Ages: 8+

Languages: English, French, & German (Included)

Additional Languages: (see links to Rules) Korean

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